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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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In 1492 cover In 1492

The familiar sing-song verse updated with more information about the man and his voyage.

The Baby Beebee Bird cover The Baby Beebee Bird

The baby beebee bird is new to the zoo and sings his song all night long, keeping the other animals awake. What can they do?

The Gift of a Traveler cover The Gift of a Traveler

While helping her great-grandmother Anica decorate her Christmas tree, Christine hears the story of a precious ornament given to her as a child by a mysterious stranger.

Beauty and the Beast cover; painting by Mercer Mayer Beauty and the Beast

Beautiful illustrations accompany this charming retelling of the familiar fairy tale.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses; art by KY Craft The Twelve Dancing Princesses

When the king's 12 daughters wear holes in their dancing slippers every night and grow pale and mysterious, Peter the gardener's boy discovers their secret and breaks the spell.

The Little Drummer Mouse cover The Little Drummer Mouse

A timid little mouse plays his acorn drum wherever he goes. One night a bright star leads him to a stable and he is invited to play his drum for the new king.

There Are Monsters Everywhere cover There Are Monsters Everywhere

A young boy is certain is house is filled with monsters, but conquers his fear by learning karate.

You're the Scaredy-Cat cover You're the Scaredy-Cat

When two boys camp out in the backyard, one of them frightens himself more than his brother by telling a scary story.

Santa's Time Off Poems by Santa cover Santa's Time Off Poems by Santa

Wonderful illustrations for poems about Santa in "off-duty" activities

Jobs People Do cover Jobs People Do

Boys and girls are dressed for and participating in activities related to various jobs.

The Salamander Room cover The Salamander Room

A boy finds a salamander in the woods and imagines the many things he can do to turn his room into a perfect salamander home.

Counting is for the Birds cover Counting is for the Birds

As a cat patiently waits, birds from one to 20 land at a feeder.

The Wind Garden cover The Wind Garden

When her grandfather's age keeps him at home, Ellie designs a rooftop garden for him.The wind has other ideas and keeps blowing the flowers away.

Dragons: Fearsome Monsters from Myth and Fiction cover Dragons: Fearsome Monsters from Myth and Fiction

Features ancient legends, mythological dragons, and media dragons, all illustrated in striking, full-color art.

Saint George and the Dragon cover Saint George and the Dragon

A dragon lays waste to the kingdom and the princess has to be rescued by a knight, who fights and tames the dragon, passing into legend as St George, patron saint of England.

Let’s Explore a River cover Let’s Explore a River

Three children accompany their father in a canoe and explore the plant and animal life along a river near their home.

Blueberries for Sal cover Blueberries for Sal

Sal and her mother set off in search of blueberries for the winter at the same time as a mother bear and her cub. What will happen when the young ones wander off and absentmindedly trail the wrong mothers?

Make Way for Ducklings cover Make Way for Ducklings

Caldecott-winning story of a pair of Mallard ducks who chose to raise their family in Boston's Public Garden.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? cover Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Buckiet filling: an effective metaphor for encouraging kind and considerate behavior and understanding the benefits of positive relationships.

Beautiful Warrior cover Beautiful Warrior The Legend of the Nun’s Kung Fu

Born to privilege in the Forbidden City Jingyong follows her own path and becomes a Buddhist nun in the Shaolin Monastery. She teaches kung fu to a special petitioner.

Crossing the New Bridge cover Crossing the New Bridge

When a new bridge is built over the river, the happiest person in town must be the first to cross it.

Escape of Oney Judge cover The Escape of Oney Judge: Martha Washington’s Slave Finds Freedom

Drawing on well-documented accounts of Martha Washington's runaway slave, this fictionalized retelling focuses on Oney Judge's childhood and early adult years.

Mirette on the High Wire cover Mirette on the High Wire

In 19th century Paris a young girl helps a famous high-wire artist regain his courage and confidence.

Squirrel and John Muir Squirrel and John Muir

In the 1860s, a wild little girl nicknamed Squirrel meets John Muir, later to become a famous naturalist, when he arrives at her parents' hotel in Yosemite Valley seeking work and knowledge about the natural world.

Christmas in the Trenches cover Christmas in the Trenches

Grandpa tells Thomas and Nora about his unforgettable Christmas Eve as a young soldier back in 1914, when German and Allied soldiers stopped fighting and came together to celebrate the holiday.

Anansi the Spider cover Anansi the Spider

In this Caldecott Honor book Anansi the spider is saved from dangerous situations by the special skills of his sons.

Arrow to the Sun cover Arrow to the Sun

An adaptation of the Pueblo Indian myth which explains how the spirit of the Lord of the Sun was brought to the world of men.

Musicians of the Sun cover Musicians of the Sun

When the Lord of the Night sees that his world is sad and colorless because his four special musicians have been locked-away by Sun, he sends Wind to free them to play their special music and fill the world with happiness once more.

Raven cover Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest

Raven feels sorry for the people living in the dark and cold, so he flies to the house of the Sky Chief to steal the gods' "shiny ball" of light and warmth.

The Great Pumpkin Switch cover The Great Pumpkin Switch

 An old man tells his grandchildren about the time in his past when he and his buddy Otto accidentally knocked his sister's pumpkin down the front steps and smashed it to smithereens.

Rose Blanche cover Rose Blanche

A young German girl discovers a concentration camp outside her village and takes food and hope to some of those being held there.

One Special Star cover One Special Star

Counting down from the 10 twinkling stars and 9 startled shepherds to the one precious Child born in the stable in Bethlehem with one star shining over all.

Waltz of the Scarecrows cover Waltz of the Scarecrows

While staying with her grandparents on their farm, Sarah discovers the secret behind the local tradition of dressing the scarecrows in formal gowns and fancy coats.

Countdown to Kindergarten cover Countdown to Kindergarten

Ten days before the start of kindergarten, a pre-kindergartner cannot tie her shoes by herself and fears the worst.

Molly Bannaky cover Molly Bannaky

True tale of a 17-year-old dairymaid in England in 1683, condemned to indentured servitude, who perseveres and prospers; the grandmother of Benjamin Bannaker.

The Little Green Witch cover The Little Green Witch

When her friends will not help her, a little witch must plant and care for the pumpkin seeds she found all by herself.

The Day the Earth Was Silent cover The Day the Earth Was Silent

A group of children creates a special flag and set out, against nearly insurmountable obstacles, to share it and its message of peace with the world.

If Rocks Could Sing cover If Rocks Could Sing

Photographs of rocks that resemble the letters of the alphabet and objects represented by each letter.

Mirandy and Brother Wind cover Mirandy and Brother Wind

A Caldecott Honor Book vividly illuminating Mirandy's preparations to win the town's cakewalk jubilee.

Stitchin' and Pullin' A Gee's Bend Quilt cover Stitchin' and Pullin' A Gee's Bend Quilt

The modern-day story of Baby Girl, who grows from a child playing beneath her elders' quilting frame to becoming a member of the intergenerational circle, piecing together her first quilt.