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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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Frog Girl cover Frog Girl

Frogs have been stolen, an earthquake rumbles, a village in peril. To save her people a young girl must dive deep into a spirit world.

In a Spring Garden cover In a Spring Garden

Classic haiku and exquisite paintings as fresh as spring.

Hill of Fire cover Hill of Fire

An I-Can-Read book based on the volcano that erupted from a hole in a Mexican field in 1943.

Bridget's Beret cover Bridget's Beret

When Bridget loses the black beret that provides her with artistic inspiration she thinks she will never be able to paint again.

Fortune Cookie Fortunes cover Fortune Cookie Fortunes

After a young Chinese-American girl opens fortune cookies with her family, she notices that the fortunes seem to come true.

The Awful Aardvarks Go to School cover The Awful Aardvarks Go to School

An alphabetical listing of the acts of destruction committed by mischievous aardvarks on their animal classmates during a visit to school.

The Circle of Days cover The Circle of Days

Rhyming text gives praise and thanks for all of creation, including wind and sun, plants and animals, desert, rocks, and sea.

Grandfather’s Lovesong cover Grandfather’s Lovesong

Outstanding illustrations for a simple poem expressing the love of a man for his grandchild.

Nobody Owns the Sky cover Nobody Owns the Sky: The Story of “Brave Bessie” Coleman

Bessie Coleman was the first licensed African American aviator and this is her story of perseverence and courage.

Christmas in Noisy Village cover Christmas in Noisy Village

The children of three Swedish families make merry at Christmas, baking cookies, cutting and decorating trees, eating fruitcake and tarts, and opening gifts.

Christmas in the Stable cover Christmas in the Stable

As a mother tells her child about the first Christmas long ago the child visualizes it as if it were happening on her farm, perhaps even now. . .

The Tomten cover The Tomten

A friendly troll makes his rounds of a Swedish farm leaving soundless tracks and whispering promises of a coming spring.

Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse cover Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse

Alexander wanted be loved like Willy, the mechanical mouse who is his friend. Can he find a purple pebble so the lizard will make his wish come true?

On My Beach There are Many Pebbles cover On My Beach There are Many Pebbles

Pictures and simple text describe the many different shapes and markings of pebbles found on the beach.

Swimmy cover Swimmy

A lonely little black fish must find a way to help his frightened new friends come out and enjoy their undersea world.

Theodore and the Talking Mushroom cover Theodore and the Talking Mushroom

All his friends have special talents; Theodore tries to convince them he has the most special one of all when he finds "the only talking mushroom in the world".

Applesauce Season cover Applesauce Season

An urban family's end-of-summer tradition of making and eating apple products is celebrated in brief text and cheerful illustrations.

Out in the Night cover Out in the Night

Introduces the habitats and habits of nocturnal animals in 14 different locations around the world.

Peter and the North Wind cover Peter and the North Wind

The North Wind's gifts to Peter, to repay him and his mother for blowing away their flour, mysteriously lose their magic before Peter gets them home.

Tree of Hope cover Tree of Hope

The rebirth of African-American theater in Harlem during the Great Depression seen through the eyes of Florrie and her family.

Scarecrow! cover Scarecrow!

A history of scarecrows with interesting information and illustrations based on photos, sketches, and descriptions from many sources.

Finklehopper Frog cover Finklehopper Frog

Finklehopper Frog wants to join the fitness crowd so he buys a silly looking outfit and tries to jog instead of hopping.

Under a Mushroom cover Under a Mushroom

One rainy day a number of creatures stop under the mushroom that was home to the Troll family. Their friendly visit turns into a party that becomes a noisy brawl.

Frog and Toad Are Friends cover Frog and Toad Are Friends

Frog and Toad begin a whole new year together as best friends. From their search for Toad's lost button to a summertime swimming adventure, they are always there for each other.

Ming Lo Moves the Mountain cover Ming Lo Moves the Mountain

Ming Lo and his wife are very unhappy with the difficulties caused by the mountain looming above their home. Does the village wise man have a solution?

On Market Street cover On Market Street

Come on a shopping spree down Market Street where the merchants sell everything from apples to zippers and display them in an unusual way.

The Rose in My Garden cover The Rose in My Garden

Starting with a single rose, charmingly detailed illustrations and cumulative text build a tranquil flower garden. But trouble is lurking around the corner. . .

Cloud Dance cover Cloud Dance

Introducing thick cumulus clouds, wispy cirrus clouds, and wide stratus clouds as they dance through every season of the year.

Sky Tree cover Sky Tree

A tree stands on a hill by a river. As the sky changes, so does the tree, its branches filling with clouds, stars, snow, birds, mists, and the golden spring sun. Connecting art and science.

Where the River Begins cover Where the River Begins

Two young boys and their grandfather go on a camping trip to find the source of the river that flows by their home.

Hudson The Story of a River cover Hudson The Story of a River

Presents an imaginary journey back in time to the birth of the Hudson River and examines its history and appeal to settlers, tourists, and artists.

The Owl Who Became the Moon cover The Owl Who Became the Moon

While riding on a train at night, a young boy listens and watches as he passes by many creatures in their wilderness homes.

Drummer Boy cover Drummer Boy

After accidentally being thrown away, a beloved toy drummer boy embarks on a winter adventure, playing his drum for others in the cold.

Hiawatha cover Hiawatha

The classic American poem The Song of Hiawatha is developed into a tale covering the childhood of Hiawatha and telling the story of his early years.

Paul Revere's Ride cover Paul Revere's Ride The Landlord's Tale

Longfellow's classic tribute to the famous revolutionary hero is brought to vivid life by luminous paintings that follow the journey of a daring man riding on horseback under the full moon.

Jack and the Beanstalk cover Jack and the Beanstalk: How a small fellow solved a big problem

A large format book that stars a Jack that is both resourcesful and generous.

Yeh Shen cover Yeh-Shen A Cinderella Story from China

A young Chinese girl overcomes the wickedness of her stepsister and stepmother to become the bride of a prince.

Dusty Locks and the Three Bears

A wild west version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears complete with grizzlies, red-hot beans, and a log cabin on the frontier.

The Tortoise and th Jackrabbit cover The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit

This wonderful variation on the familiar fable features the plants and animals  of the American southwest.

The Cruise of Mr. Christopher Columbus cover The Cruise of Mr. Christopher Columbus

The life of Christopher Columbus up to the triumphant return from his first voyage.