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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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Tsunami! cover Tsunami!

Ojiisan, the wealthiest man in the village, doesn’t join the others at the rice ceremony. He feels something is coming and when he sees the monster wave pulling away from the beach, he knows. Tsunami! The villagers below can’t see the danger. Can he save them?

Jump, Frog, Jump! cover Jump, Frog, Jump!

A frog tries to catch a fly, but finds himself on the other end of the food chain in this simple cumulative tale.

Rain cover Rain

Using bold graphics and few words, Rain explores concepts like weather, colors, and a changing landscape.

Fireboat cover Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey

A fireboat, launched in 1931, is retired after many years of fighting fires along the Hudson River, but is saved from being scrapped and then called into service again on September 11, 2001.

A Mother for Choco cover A Mother for Choco

A chubby-faced yellow bird with blue-striped feet goes looking for his mother but cannot find anyone who looks like him.

Iron Horses cover Iron Horses

Dramatic illustrations and simple rhyming text depict the race to construct the transcontinental railroad from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sacramento, California.

Orphan Train cover Orphan Train

After their parents died, Lucy, Harold, and David were sent from the city on an orphan train; each found a new home with a different family.

Theodore cover Theodore

A beautifully illustrated biography of our 26th president, touching briefly on his roles as sickly child, rancher, hunter, soldier, father, writer, and governor as well.

Jennie's Hat cover Jennie's Hat

Jennie is disappointed when her favorite aunt sends her a plain little hat instead of the beautiful one she was expecting.

The Snowy Day cover The Snowy Day

A gentle story of a little boy discovering the joys of a snowy day.

Clatter Bash! cover Clatter Bash! A Day of the Dead Celebration

Brief rhyming text and bold illustrations present traditions used to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Grandfathers Dream cover Grandfather’s Dream

After the end of the war in Vietnam, a young boy's grandfather dreams of restoring the wetlands of the Mekong Delta hoping that the Sarus cranes will return.

o Unto Otters cover Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

Mr. Rabbit’s new neighbors are Otters. OTTERS! But he doesn’t know anything about otters. Will they get along? Will they be friends?

Summer Stinks cover Summer Stinks

A rhyming alphabet book in which a boy lists all his reasons for disliking summer.

Chicken Little cover Chicken Little

The sky is failing! The sky is failing!" Chicken Little and her feathered friends are all aflutter when she gets a mysterious bump on the head. But a uniformed Foxy Loxy is there to take them to police headquarters in his Poul(try)ice van. . .

The Christmas Witch cover The Christmas Witch

Gloria is no ordinary witch. She smiles too much and messes up her magic spells. She is the worst student ever to attend Madame Pestilence's Academy.  And then she finds out about the amazing holiday called Christmas.

Give the Dog a Bone cover Give the Dog a Bone

Typical Kellogg illustrations for the traditional counting rhyme “This Old Man”.

Jack and the Beanstalk cover Jack and the Beanstalk

The traditional tale, retold and beautifully illustrated by Steven Kellogg.

Johnny Appleseed cover Johnny Appleseed

Fact and fiction surrounding the life of John Chapman, known as “Johnny Appleseed” are presented with Kellogg’s typically colorful and detailed illustrations.

The Missing Mitten Mystery cover The Missing Mitten Mystery

Five of Annie’s mittens are missing and she and her dog retrace her steps trying to find the last one she lost.

Mystery fo the Flying Orange Pumpkin cover The Mystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin

Members of the Patterson Pumpkin Club worked together to grow a big pumpkin for a special Jack-o-lantern. Now a selfish new neighbor may keep it for his own pumpkin pie.

Pinkerton, Behave! cover Pinkerton, Behave!

Pinkerton the Great Dane has all his owner's commands mixed up. Then he flunks out of obedience school. What will happen when a burglar sneaks into Pinkerton's house one night?

Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett cover Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett

When she was born Sally Ann greeted her parents and 9 brothers with a loud "Howdy!" and announced: "I can out-talk, out-grin, out-scream, out-swim, and out-run any baby in Kentucky!" And she certainly does.

The Three Little Pigs cover The Three Little Pigs

The favorite folk tale with interesting characters, inventive plot twists, and good-natured humor.

Yankee Doodle cover Yankee Doodle

Delightfully illustrated version of the well-known song of the American Revolution.

The Caterpillar and the Polliwog cover The Caterpillar and the Polliwog

A sassy caterpillar tells everyone she will become a butterfly; when the polliwog learns he will also change into something else he eagerly awaits becoming a butterfly, too.

The Christmas Pinata cover The Christmas Pinata

Considered useless by the potter and his family because it is cracked, a little pot becomes the center of attention when chosen for the Christmas pinata.

Clotilda's Magic cover Clotilda's Magic

Clotilda is distressed because it seems no one wants her as their fairy godmother. Then along come Tommy (who doesn't believe in her magic) and Betty (whose politeness earns her three wishes).

Fat Cat: A Danish folktale cover The Fat Cat: A Danish Folktale

A cumulative tale of a naughty feline of whom everyone asks, "What have you been eating,my little cat! You are SO fat!"

Little Peep cover Little Peep

A newly-hatched chick is warned never to annoy the old rooster who must crow to bring up the sun reach day.

There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon cover There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon

When no one will acknowledge the dragon Billy found in his room it starts to grow to make itself noticed.

Jack Kent's Twelve Days of Christmas cover Jack Kent's Twelve Days of Christmas

A young girl's joy turns to dismay as larger and repetitive gifts continue to arrive from her true love.

Little Squirt The Fire Engine cover Little Squirt The Fire Engine

This small book tells about firemen and fighting fires from the point of view of a little fire engine.

huge dinosaur head in background, white-haired man in front The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins

A true story of the man who created the first models of dinosaurs, enabling people to visualize what the giant creatures must have looked like.

Splish Splash! cover Splish Splash!

Describes the progressive signs of spring from the melting of winter's ice to the appearance of the ice cream man.

The Chanukkah Guest cover The Chanukkah Guest

Bubba Brayna mistakes a sleepy bear for the Rabbi on the first night of Chanukkah and allows him to eat all of the latkes she has made for the village celebration.

A Hanukkah Treasury cover A Hanukkah Treasury

Useful collection of stories, songs, recipes, and activities related to the celebration of Hanukkah

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins cover Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

Hershel must spend the eight nights of Hanukkah in the old synagogue and outwit the goblins that make the lives of the villagers miserable.

Three Samurai Cats cover Three Samurai Cats

In medieval Japan, a nasty rat has invaded the castle of a daimyo (powerful lord), and it will take a trio of samurai cats to get rid of him.

The Three Cabritos cover The Three Cabritos

A retelling of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story with these three goats carrying their musical instruments to Mexico to enjoy a fiesta but being menaced by a blue Chupacabra.