June 29, 1999

written and illustrated by David Wiesner

Holly Evans launched seedlings into the atmosphere as part of a science experiment but certainly was not expecting the giant vegetables that started to appear.

Holly Evans launches vegetable seedlings into the sky with Acme weather balloons. She expects to study the effects of extraterrestrial conditions on their growth. But then a hiker in Montana finds giant turnips in the Rocky Mountains. There are lima beans looming over Levittown. Arugula over Ashtabula is the clue that confirms these giant vegetables are not part of her experiment. But where did they come from? The colorful pictures from the Caldecott winning illustrator extend and enrich the simple text.

There are so many connections that can be made in addition to being great fun. Real vs make-believe, seeds and growing plants, vegetables, alliteration, science projects, and UFOs are just a few of the avenues we have traveled starting from this book.