Judy and the Volcano

written and illustrated by Wayne Harris

Judy's detention time is spent imagining herself at the center of a fantastic adventure story.

Judy can't get a start on the kind of story that will suit her teacher, Mrs. Be-the-best-you-can. But Madeleine Corsy can because she has imagination. "Fairies and elves on the brain", scoffs Judy. Kept in at lunchtime, Judy becomes the hero of HER kind of imaginative story, saving a multitude of children (who all look like Madeleine) from a bubbling volcano and a rampaging iguana who reminds Judy of a certain classroom teacher...

The bold use of color and design, ranging from striking use of white space to densely colored double-page illustrations, adds to the energy of the text. Changes in text font and size and varied placement of illustrations on the pages also help build enthusiasm for Judy's creative endeavor.