Johnny Appleseed

by Walt Disney Productions

Picture book adaptation of the tall tale of John Chapman and his apple-tree-planting adventures first seen in a Disney animated feature in 1948.

This version of Johnny Appleseed, one of folklore's best-known tall tales, was originally released as one of several animated segments comprising the 1948 feature Melody Time and later repackaged as part of the 2001 direct-to-video feature, Disney's American Legends.

Johnny Chapman lived a simple life in New England, "reading the Good Book every day and carefully tending his apple orchard" until his guardian angel, "the most pioneer-looking man he had ever seen", showed up and encouraged him to go west and plant apple trees. The simple cartoons then show the travels and adventures of Johnny's next forty years. Finally, the guardian angel shows up again and tells Johnny it is time to "go home because we need a lot of apple trees up there!"

For many, the colorful drawings combined with brief text do the best job of bringing this partially-true legend to life for young readers.