written and illustrated by Douglas Florian

A witty collection of short poems about insects and spiders with abstract watercolor illustrations that incorporate clever collage elements.

Offers 21 short, inventive poems and paintings that create playful images of arthropods such as the mayfly, praying mantis, hornet, black widow spider, and weevils. The verse form is as varied as the creatures presented. Shaped or pattern poems, concrete poetry, words arranged in pleasing patterns and the rhythms that fit the characteristics of the subjects. Each selection is given its own page, allowing for the use of large type and plenty of glossy white space, and paired with a full-page watercolor with a neat border of white.

The io moth
Has mam-moth eyes
That are not real--
They're a disguise
To ward off birds
And other creatures,
Like garter snakes
And science teachers.

The illustration on the facing page shows that the "mam-moth eyes" are eyespots on the moth's wings.