If You Take a Mouse to School

by Laura Joffe Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond

 The cheerful little rodent in blue bib overalls wants to spend a day at school. First, he’ll want your lunchbox . . .  Then he'll need a notebook  . . .

The little mouse who loves cookies and going to the movies is back again. This time he wants you to take him to school. After traveling in your backpack he follows through the routine of a regular day having one adventure after another. The illustrations are colorful and enrich the text and all will enjoy the antics of the little mouse in bibs.

Note to teachers

I have read this book prior to talking about necessary school supplies and routines. It also has good examples for use discussing how the picture should show what the text is telling about. My favorite is the page that says, “He might do a little math, (complicated formulas all over the chalkboard while the students work with 2 + 6) and spell a word or two,” (onomatopoeia, insidious, adrenaline and others).

Pat Gramling