If You Should Hear a Honey Guide

written by April Pulley Sayre, illustrated by S.D. Schindler

An African bird called the honey guide leads the reader past a number of indigenous animals in the Kenyan countryside in search of a golden treasure.

There is an East African bird that loves honeycombs but sometimes cannot reach them. So the honey guide calls to a person or a honey badger and leads them to a bee nest. Carrying a burning stick (its smoke will subdue the angry bees), the reader moves cautiously past a herd of elephants, a hidden snake, a sleeping lion, and hungry crocodiles - until, at last, reader and bird reach the honey.

Illustrations of airborne perspectives alternate with vast desert panoramas and authentic closeups of natural scenes, done in watercolor pastels and gouache in shades of brown and soft green on a beige background, enhance the sparse poetic text.