I Spy School Days

writtenby Jean Marzollo, illustrated by Walter Wick

Over a dozen two-page photographic spreads show collections of objects related to school and ask the reader to find certain items hidden among all the others.

“Use your mind, use your eye; Read the riddles – play I SPY!”  Each two-page photograph shows a collection of many items related to the theme of the page. The riddle at the bottom of the pages asks the reader to look for certain things. For example the pages about levers, ramps and pulleys show constructions of blocks, dominoes, and Tinkertoys into various simple machines. The riddle reads “I spy a marble, a clothespin clamp, FUN, two keys, and a ruler ramp; three helmets, a hand, a hammer, a heart, a checker, a chair, and a chalkboard chart.” All of the things mentioned in the riddle are pictured somewhere on the pages. 

I Like This Book

This is not a book I read through in one sitting but rather work through only one or two riddles and then return to discuss others at different times. My well-worn copy is in Big Book format allowing me to use it with a class group more effectively. When it is in a center 3 or more children can gather around the big open book and discuss what they are finding in the photographs. I have also taken apart two paperback copies and made my own poster cards.

Pat Gramling