I See A Kookaburra!

written by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, illustrations by Steve Jenkins

Boldly colored collages show six different parts of the world; eight animals (and an ant) are shown in each habitat. Can you find them all?

Each habitat is introduced in a glorious two-page collage made of cut and torn paper filled with bold colors and distinct textures. Eight indigenous animals are included in the picture, but readers must look carefully to find them as they are mostly camouflaged. On the next spread, the creatures are shown against a white backdrop; each one remains in the same position on the page, allowing young readers to refer back and find the ones they missed. Each animal is introduced by name and given a brief yet tantalizing descriptive line. The same pattern is used for a desert in the American Southwest, a tide pool on the English coast, a rain forest in the Amazon River basin, the grasslands of central Africa, an Australian forest, and a pond in the American Midwest. As an added challenge an ant is hidden in each scene. Additional, well-chosen facts about these habitats and the depicted creatures are appended, along with an outline map of the locales.