Huge Harold

written and illustrated by Bill Peet

"Dog-gone and dag-nabit! That's what I call a whopping big rabbit!"

The world seems a cold place to Harold, a very overgrown rabbit, until he finds his niche as a champion trotter.

"The rhyming couplets flow with easy nonsense, accompanied by four-color lithograph-effect drawings of swift action and humorous detail."  ~ Horn Book

"The story of a giant rabbit titled 'Huge Harold' began simply by sketching a giant rabbit the size of a horse. Then I thought about the problems of Huge Harold might have since he was too big to hide in the weeds, or under bushes, in hollow logs - needs a lot to eat, etc. How Harold might run for his life through the fields and forests of the farm country, and how he finally runs for fun and glory turned out to be my second story book."

Bill Peet

Personality in Pictures

The illustrations are wonderful at sharing Harold's expressions and body language throughout his trials and make him a delightfully personable rabbit. 

Pat Gramling