A House for Hermit Crab

written and illustrated by Eric Carle

Hermit Crab has outgrown his shell house and spends a year finding a new bigger shell and making friends with other ocean creatures who help him decorate and protect this new home.

Hermit Crab has outgrown his old shell home and must find a new one. Over the course of the next year he acquires not only a shell, but also an array of sea creatures to decorate, clean, and protect his new home. The story ends with him once again outgrowing his shell. A simple fable with subtle messages about growing, accepting new challenges, and building self-confidence. It is beautifully illustrated in bold, full-color, distinctively Carle collages. Some factual information about the various sea creatures mentioned in the story is included at the end of the book.

Did You Know?

Eric Carle dedicated this book to his son Rolf. He said he wanted to show all young readers that new experiences are not to be dreaded but are really wonderful opportunities.