Hattie and the Fox

written by Mem Fox, illustrated by Patricia Mullins

An observant hen tries to warn apathetic colleagues of a nearby fox but no one is listening!

Hattie, a big black hen, announces that she sees a nose in the bushes, to which her barnyard friends respond: "Good grief!'' "Well, well!'' "Who cares?'' "So what?'' and "What next?'' What's next are the eyes, ears, legs, and body of a hungry fox. The fox lunges, Hattie flies, and the goose, pig, sheep, and horse panic.

Bright, playful tissue collage and crayon illustrations add zest to this simple cumulative tale, and reveal more action than is expressed by the text alone. The repetition of the lackadaisical animals' responses creates a rhythm that will encourage listeners to become actively involved.