Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet

written and illustrated by David McLimans

Bold and playful illustrations transform each letter into a work of art graphically rendered with animal characteristics.

These Caldecott Honor illustrations have been rendered by pencil, pen, brush and India ink, and by computer. Each letter is done in black and white to represent an animal that begins with that letter. Another, smaller view of the animal (done in red) is shown at the top of a chart of its vital statistics.

G is the critically endangered swan goose.
P is the vunerable piping plover.
X is the endangered xenopus gilli (Cape clawed frog).

More complete information on each of the animals is included in the back.The animals done in red on white on the end papers are not the same front and back.

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Each vital statistics chart includes the common and scientific names, habitat, range, threats to its survival, and status--vunerable, endnagered, or critically endangered.