Georgia's Bones

written by Jen Bryant, illustrated by Bethanne Andersen

This story of Georgia O’Keeffe celebrates the famous artist’s fascination with natural shapes, “common objects,” and her unusual way of looking at the world.

Growing up on a Wisconsin farm, Georgia was fascinated by nature and her surroundings. Although teased for her interest in unique "shapes and spaces", she declared: “Someday, I’m going to be an artist” — and that is exactly what she became.

Throughout her childhood she gathered all sorts of objects — sticks and stones, flowers and bones. When Georgia grew up, she moved to New York City. Still fascinated by the world around her, she studies, then paints the tall buildings of the city, as well as seashells, the landscape of New Mexico and animal bones, which would become a signature theme in her paintings.

Gouache, colored pencil and pastels create textured, luminous sunsets and vistas; cow skulls, southwestern landscapes, and oversize flowers are present and accounted for.