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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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Claude the Dog cover Claude the Dog

Claude shares his Christmas presents with Bummer, a lonely stray.

Harry and the Terrible Whatzit cover Harry and the Terrible Whatzit

A little boy must face the terrible creature he thinks is lurking in the dark of the basement in order to save his mother.

Ida Fanfanny cover Ida Fanfanny

Ida lives in a valley with no weather whatsoever until a peddler sells her four magical paintings. Then she discovers the delights and downsides of each of the seasons with their changing weather.

Little Bug cover Little Bug

A little bug's fears keep him in a dark and dreary hole until a voice convinces him that the beauty of the world is worth a few risks.

Mighty Tree cover Mighty Tree

Three seeds grow into three beautiful trees, each of which serves a different but important function.

The Princess and the Pea cover The Princess and the Pea

Prince Charley is certain Clara would be the wife of his dreams but will she pass the "princess test"?

Gustuv the Gourmet Giant cover Gustav the Gourmet Giant

High in his castle in the Alps, with his eighty-seven servants kidnapped from all over the world, Gustav the gourmet giant decides to try a rare new food--boy.

Millions of Cats cover Millions of Cats

A lonely old couple want a cat for company but when the old man goes looking for one he finds more than he bargained for.

The Dangerous Alphabet cover The Dangerous Alphabet

A very different ABC book; a piratical ghost story featuring 2 brave children, their pet gazelle, and many trolls, monsters, and other creatures of much nastiness.

Cat Goes Fiddle-i-fee cover Cat Goes Fiddle-i-fee

An old English cumulative rhyme about caring for favorite farm animals with verses that prompt readers to think about the sound each animal makes.

Gingerbread Boy cover Gingerbread Boy

A Gingerbread Boy eludes the hungry grasp of everyone chasing him until he meets a clever fox.

The Little Red Hen cover The Little Red Hen

Amusing pictures extend the familiar tale of the industrious hen and lazy cat, dog, and mouse.

Rumpelstiltskin cover Rumpelstiltskin

Paul Galdone's signature illustrations bring to life this retelling of the tale from the Brothers Grimm.

The Three Bears cover The Three Bears

The Bear family is the focus of the story in this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Three Little Kittens cover Three Little Kittens

The traditional Mother Goose rhyme with wonderful full page illustrations brimming with details.

Is That You, Winter? cover Is That You, Winter?

Old Man Winter wakes up late and goes out in his magic flying truck to scatter snow, but finds someone who appreciates his efforts.

I Wonder Why the Sea is Salty cover I Wonder Why the Sea is Salty

Young oceanographers will discover fascinating facts in this collection of marine questions and answers.

The Christmas Train cover The Christmas Train

A brave and selfless little girl saves a passenger train from certain disaster on Christmas Eve.

Where Does the Butterfly Go When it Rains cover Where Does the Butterfly Go When it Rains

A bee can fly back to her hive. A grasshopper can hide in tall grass. But where does a butterfly go when it rains?

Uncle Wiggily to the Rescue cover Uncle Wiggily to the Rescue

The gentleman rabbit helps a baby hoptoad who cannot hop and a butterfly who cannot fly.

Christmas City cover Christmas City

Tommy has to follow his aunt's rhyming notes through the streets and squares of Christmas City to uncover pictures, puzzles, and clues that lead to a surprise ending.

King Puck cover King Puck

Set against the backdrop of Ireland's oldest and most unusual fair, King Puck is a jig-reeling, kid-appealing tale of friendship, fun, and fairy magic!

The Mouse Before Christmas cover The Mouse Before Christmas

A story told in rhyme of the little mouse who was "stirring and whirling all through the house" and stowed away on Santa's sleigh.

The Lotus Seed cover The Lotus Seed

A young Vietnamese girl saves a lotus seed and carries it with her everywhere to remember a brave emperor and the homeland that she had to flee.

Christina Katerina and the Box Christina Katerina and the Box

Christina Katerina quickly claims the large box her mother's new refrigerator came in and creates a castle, a clubhouse, and other fantastic playthings with her sometimes-friend Fats Watson.

Everglades cover Everglades

Describes the Florida Everglades, the evolution of this unique area, and the impact humans have had on its once-abundant life forms.

Luck: The Story of a Sandhill Crane cover Luck: The Story of a Sandhill Crane

A fictionalized account of the spectacular migration of sandhill cranes north from Texas, along the Platte River to Canada, Alaska, and destinations as far away as Siberia.

Old Elm Speaks cover Old Elm Speaks

 A charming collection of short poems that celebrate trees and the amazing variety of ways they touch our lives, invigorated by expressive oil paintings.

One Mitten cover One Mitten

A little girl shows what can be done with only one mitten and then when she finds the mate to it continues to have fun with the pair.

Around the Pond: Who's Been Here? cover Around the Pond: Who's Been Here?

On a warm summer afternoon Cammy and her brother find signs of unseen animals and their activities.

In the Snow: Who's Been Here? cover In the Snow: Who's Been Here?

Two children on their way to go sledding see evidence of a variety of animal life.

In the Woods: Who's Been Here? cover In the Woods: Who's Been Here?

A boy and girl in the woods find an empty nest, a cocoon, gnawed bark, and other signs of unseen animals and their activities.

Box Turtle at Long Pond cover Box Turtle at Long Pond

A day in the life of a box turtle through simple text and wonderful life-like illustrations.

Winter at Long Pond cover Winter at Long Pond

Glimpses of a variety of animals going about their activities in winter; father and son explore forest and field as they look for a tree to cut for Christmas.

The Cow is Mooing Anyhow cover The Cow is Mooing Anyhow: A scrambled alphabet book to be read at breakfast

An influx of rowdy animals representing the letters of the alphabet disrupts a peaceful breakfast.

A Three Hat Day cover A Three Hat Day

R. R. Pottle the Third has a truly wonderful collection of hats. But he is lonely. Will he ever find the perfect wife who naturally will be wearing the perfect hat?

Summertime cover Summertime

The much-loved song from Porgy and Bess, illustrated by exhuberant oil paintings, shares an African-American family's routine one summer day earlier in this century.

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers cover The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Caldecott Medal-winning true story of how, in 1974, French aerialist Philippe Petit threw a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center and spent an hour walking, dancing, and performing high-wire tricks a quarter mile in the sky.

Mama and Me and the Model T cover Mama and Me and the Model T

The comments "cars are for boys" and "girls just ride" don't set well with Mama so she commandeers the new Model T and takes her adventuresome daughter Mandy on a wild ride around their mountain home.;

Apples cover Apples

Colorful drawings enhance this simple general reference for beginning an apple unit.