Full Moon Soup or The Fall of the Hotel Splendide

written and illustrated by Alastair Graham

Something strange is going on under the full moon at the Hotel Splendide. An oversized wordless book full of wild and wacky goings-on.

Seen in a cross-section of a country hotel from crowded attic to crypt under the kitchen stairs, the Splendide houses many different characters, amusingly summarized in `"before'' and `"after'' endpapers. As the action begins, all is normal; guests are arriving as the staff bustles about.The cook suddenly goes berserk and becomes a werewolf, while all over the building other things go madly awry. Meanwhile, a spaceship gets ever closer until it collides with the hotel, which now also becomes the site of a flood, an explosion, and various invasions.

Noting Details

Full Moon Soup is an outstanding choice for more mature readers when working to develop skill in noting details. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and led themselves to repeated study; something new, odd, or weird can be found with each reading. The behavior of the characters in each of the many rooms of the hotel can be followed through the evening's activities in a logical if irrational manner.