Frogs Sing Songs

written by Yvonne Winer, illustrated by Tony Oliver

Poems and pictures to celebrate the varied coloring and sounds and the amazing adaptability of frogs around the world.

In addition to learning about frogs this book is an excellent choice to include in environmental studies and poetry themes.A rhyming text describes how, when, where, and why frogs make sounds. An identification guide at the end points out the wide-ranging habitats of frogs from the Arctic Circle to southernmost deserts and includes brief facts about these creatures and the growing threat to their habitats.

On each double-page spread, a short, simple poems appears under a spot illustration of a frog. Opposite is a full-page, naturalistically detailed watercolor illustration of that particular species in its natural habitat. Each of the poems begins with the refrain, "Frogs sing their songs," then the following four lines reveal details about that frog and the sounds it makes.