The Flower Alphabet Book

written by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Leslie Evans

Brief information about a flower is included on each page with a picture of it and the upper and lower case letters that start its name.

Each page of this book has a large picture of the flower chosen to represent a letter of the alphabet. There is a colorful border surrounding the picture that relates to that flower and includes both the upper and lower case letter being featured. The text is brief but gives interesting information about each flower.

I Like This Book because

Flower books often do not appeal to boys but this one can hold their attention. It contains unexpected pictures like gladiators and swords on the page with gladiolus and factoids such as farmers feed marigolds to their chickens to help make their skin yellow. There are artist’s notes in the back of the book that explain the significance of some of the unique items included in the borders.

Pat Gramling