Five Live Bongos

written by George Ella Lyon, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Five siblings are driving their parents wild by making "music" with whatever they can find around the house.

Five brothers and sisters make music with what they can find around the house--saucepans and skillets, measuring cups and spoons, pot lids, muffin tins and bread pans. When their parents have had enough they send the  rambunctious quintet to the garage where, with the help of the junk pile, they create a contraption of infinite musical possibilities and call themselves the "Found Sound Band." But the kids decide they need just-one-more-thing-to-make-it-perfect.

This delightful celebration of noise, music, and rhythm fairly bounces off the pages. The wild, dancing watercolors harmonize perfectly with swirling text on full pages of pink, yellow, and blue backgrounds. Drawings are strategically placed at unusual angles and even upside down to reflect the energy and exuberant play of words.