Echoes for the Eye Poems to Celebrate Patterns in Nature

by Barbara Juster Esbensen, illustrated by Helen K. Davie

A collection of poems that spotlights the harmony among math, science, language and art.

This rich collection of original poems draws attention to shapes and patterns, encouraging youngsters to observe the spirals, branches, polygons, meanders, and circles that appear all around them. For example, one selection describes the concentric circles left in the water by a fish as it jumps, and another the rings of a tree trunk. Attractive watercolor illustrations effectively reflect the concepts discussed.

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A note from the author and illustrator explains the mathematical formulation known as the Fibonacci series that can be observed in nature, such as in the spiral rows of sunflower seeds. This leads into a poem and painting of sunflowers, grouped with pages featuring other spirals such as ferns, hurricanes, tornadoes, nautilus shells, and galaxies.

Pat Gramling