Dragons: Truth, Myth, and Legend

written by David Passes, illustrated by Wayne Anderson

Discusses various myths and legends about dragons and presents dragon lore from around the world.

Appropriate for older readers

Wonderfully illustrated collection of stories from diverse places and times includes the tales of Heracles (Hercules) and the nine-headed Hydra, Beowulf and the fire-breathing beast that killed him, and Britain's dragon-slaying patron, Saint George; lesser-known tales from Babylon, India, and China. Each story is condensed and presented on two pages, along with a statement of its origin. A section called "Dragons from around the World" offers one-paragraph descriptions of the many types that appear in mythology. Fanciful creatures of all shapes and sizes go slithering across the pages, many in color with exquisite detail. Interesting introduction sets the stage and index makes material user-friendly.