The Dragon Machine

written by Helen Ward, illustrated by Wayne Anderson

George sees dragons everywhere he looks, but they are "ignored and overlooked," just like he is.

Only lonely George notices the dragons large and small, hanging from telephone lines, peeking from storm drains and pocketbooks. Worse yet, once he feeds them, they become real nuisances, following him everywhere: "Something had to be done." With information gleaned from The Encyclopedia of Dragons, he learns where they belong, builds a complex flying machine, and leads them back to their wilderness home.

Using diffuse colors and stippled textures reminiscent of Peter Sis' art, the illustrations create a delicate green-and-golden world inhabited by small George; smiling, tubby, bat-winged dragons; and a sprinkling of adults who are generally shown only from waist down. George's feelings of isolation are strongly captured in the art, and the book's typeface and page design give the book an elegant look.