The Dinosaur Alphabet Book

written by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Ralph Masiello

This ABC book features different dinosaurs for the letters of the alphabet.

Jerry Pallotta and Ralph Masiello, creators of The Extinct Alphabet Book and other ABC books, teamed up to create this book featuring different dinosaurs for the letters of the alphabet.  The text provides basic information on each animal, sometimes with a funny or thought-promoting comment.  Additional text is provided on selected pages throughout the book outlining different theories about what happened to the dinosaurs.

This is NOT a dinosaur

Unlike many dinosaur picture books, this one accurately excludes those prehistoric reptiles that lived in the water or flew. Although those creatures may have lived at the same time, they were not technically dinosaurs.

Some of the pictures present the creatures with wildly colored colored skins.  As the author notes on the Q page: "Let's face it! No one really know what colors the dinosaurs were."