Creepy, Crawly Baby Bugs

written by Sandra Markle, illustrated by photographs

Crisp, simple text and vivid photographs show baby insects in all their glory, squirming and hopping, stinging and biting, and munching their way to adulthood.

Extraordinary, full-color close-ups reveal 20 kinds of insect "babies" in intimate detail. A succinct text in large, bold print briefly describes the hatching of the young and the different stages of development they undergo (metamorphosis). Outstanding physical or behavioral characteristics of particular species are also discussed. Almost every page is illustrated with a crystal clear photographic enlargement of one or more of the insects discussed. Included are larvae or nymphs of the giant silk moth, parasitic wasp, Io moth, honeybee, spittlebug, earwig, caddisfly, and fungus gnat. Scientific names of the species depicted are provided in the photo credits. Includes a useful, combined Glossary and Index with pronunciation guide and suggestions for things to do to observe young insects.