The Christmas Humbugs

written by Colleen Monroe, illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe

Each year, the Humbugs (who look sort of like furry green grapes with wings and red jelly-bean noses) search out "cheerful houses" in which to cause mischief.

Bah, Humbug!

Magical creatures known as the Humbugs do mischievous things to test a household's Christmas spirit. The boldly colored, double page spreads show the funny little winged critters going about their "naughty little games". The rhyming text makes the point that "Christmas spirit is the joy, the laughter, the loving way it shows."

Not everything goes the way we plan and there can be a lot of stress and disappointment during the holiday season. This is a good book to start discussion on maintaining a positive attitude.

"The Humbugs know true spirit isn't bothered by their tricks, the tiny pranks they play take just a little time to fix."