The Butterfly Counting Book

written by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Mark Astrella

Colorful paintings of butterflies from around the world support practice in skip counting to 21 using odd numbers.

A unique look at skip counting with butterflies. The book starts with zero because there are no butterflies in Antarctica. Then comes a double spread that counts to twenty . . . moths. "A trick page."

Each following page, skip counting to 21 using odd numbers, shows the number word, numeral, brief information nugget about the pictured butterflies, and the word for butterfly in a different language. In Hawaiian the word for butterfly is Pulelehua while in the Philippines one is called a Kuli bang-bang.

So far, we have counted one penguin, twenty moths, and one hundred and twenty-one butterflies. Oops, one hundred and forty-seven butterflies. We forgot to count the twenty-five Hudie on the title page and the one Farsha on the copyright page.