written and illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson

Henrietta the cat sends Bob, a rooster who only clucks, out to find his true voice. Will what he learns be enough to save the hens from the hungry fox?

Striking illustrations follow rooster Bob through the farm and woods as he searches for his true voice.  He learned to "meow-meow," "woof-wag," "ribbet-ribbet-hop-hop," "moooooo," and even "yum-yum-bugs" (a substitute for cud-chewing) from his animal neighbors until another rooster reminds him how to crow. A fox threatening the henhouse is unfazed by Bob's "cock-a-doodle-doo," but when Bob lets loose his wild symphony of newly learned animal sounds, the fox flees and the barnyard is safe.

The repetitious text, filled with noises that will encourage rowdy story hours, is well-paced and the appealing watercolor art captures all the action and silliness. Soft, pastoral, rough-sketched backgrounds are offset by vivid animal renderings, with Bob's bold black-and-white speckles and red comb and wattles stealing the show.