The Boat Alphabet Book

written by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by David Biedrzycki

An alphabet book presenting unusual facts about a variety of boats and ships from aircraft carriers to zodiacs.

Another of Jerry Pallotta's alphabet books that combines interesting facts, detailed research, humor, and realistic illustrations. The information is interesting and easy to understand; explanations are carefully crafted to make the meaning clear and relevant.

My favorite page is N is for Nao. "What is a Nao? No one knows for sure." (Columbus called his Santa Maria a Nao. . . )

G is for Gondola
P is for Pedalboat (or pontoon boat or paddleboat)
X is for Xebec (a 3-masted ship similar to a dhow)

On the M page the author cautions the reader to slow down and be careful because there are explosive mines in the water (Minesweeper).

The U page refers back to the K (kayak-a one-man hunting boat) because it is the Umiak, a traditional woman's boat from the same culture.

The Y page with the yacht lists an exotic destination for each letter of the alphabet including Grenada, Pitcairn Island, and Xizhong.