The Big Golden Animal ABC

written and illustrated Garth Williams

Busy bunnies romp through the alphabet with big animal friends.

Appropriate for the very young

"Let us go find . . " A bunch of bunnies lead the way through the alphabet. For each letter there is a large picture of an animal whose name begins with the letter and a small bunny engaged in some related activity. For example, one bunny is taking hay to the horse for the letter H while another is preparing to comb the shaggy hair on the yak for the letter Y. White backgrounds focus the reader on the animals; those representing the letters are sizable, detailed, and very realistic while the little bunnies are portrayed with an abundance of personality and human-like actions.

This was one of the very first books I bought for my personal collection; I always got such a delightful response from the children in the nursery school during my college undergraduate work (1963-1966). I could depend on it to capture the attention of my kindergartners, first graders, or remedial reading/Title I students whether used individually, with partners, or in groups. The activity of the bunnies provided extra fun and helped add challenge to the ABC lessons for more able learners.