Beware of the Bears

written by Alan MacDonald, illustrated by Gweth Williamson

The Bears seek revenge by following Goldilocks to her house, but things don't turn out exactly as planned.

When the three bears return home and find that Goldilocks has eaten their food, broken their furniture, and mussed up their beds, they want revenge.  So when Baby bear spots Goldilocks leaving her house unlocked on the other side of the forest, the bear family decide to pay a visit.

The three bears have a grand time sampling the food (and having a food fight), dancing on the furniture, and swimming in the bathtub.  But when Goldilocks interrupts their pillow fight, they get a big surprise - they discover who really owns the house!

The pictures are delightful and perfectly capture the havoc wrought by the bears in their fun and messy tour through their neighbor's house.  An image of the entire bear family dancing the bossa nova on the big red sofa is particularly amusing.