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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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Chicken and Egg cover Chicken and Egg

Explains each stage of a chicken's life with large color photographs to supplement the text.

Tadpole and Frog cover Tadpole and Frog

Photographs follow the development of a frog from egg to tadpole to adult frog.

This is the Way We Go to School cover This is the Way We Go to School

This book takes readers on a journey around the world, celebrating the many different ways children travel to the classroom.

Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings cover The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings

When Little Rabbit wishes for long, beautiful red wings, his wish comes true, but life is not at all as he'd expected.

The Story of Rosy Dock

An immigrant gardener cultivates rosy dock in the central desert of Australia and the seeds spread over a wide area during a flash flood. A look at consequences of introducing non-native flora and fauna into the environment.

Where the Forest Meets the Sea cover Where the Forest Meets the Sea

My father says there has been a forest here for over a hundred million years," Follow a young boy on a visit to a tropical rain forest in North Queensland, Australia.

Hide and Snake cover Hide and Snake

A colorful snake challenges readers to find him as he slithers through pages of familiar objects.

The Skeleton Inside You cover The Skeleton Inside You

Full color illustrations, drawings, and diagrams with labels provide information about bones of the human body.

Peacebound Train cover Peacebound Train

Sumi's grandmother tells of the family’s escape from Seoul during the war as she waits for her mother to return from service in the army.

Aminal cover The Aminal

Patrick finds an “aminal” and tells his friends about it.  They imagine what the creature looks like and they decide they must rescue Patrick from the awful green monster.

Humbug Witch cover Humbug Witch

A simple story of a non-threatening witch and her friendly cat Fred.

la primavera cover la primavera

Children discover the delights of freshly budding flowers, baby animals, butterflies, and the fun that is part of spring. Spanish text

Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher cover The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher

An older lady dressed in grey buys some strawberries but a strange, long fingered blue creature tries to steal them. She escapes in fantastic and marvelously improbable ways and frustrates her silent stalker at every turn.

Max's Words cover Max's Words

When Max cuts out words from magazines and newspapers, collecting them the way his brothers do stamps and coins, they all learn about words, sentences, and storytelling.

Little Black Sambo original cover Little Black Sambo

A small boy from India encounters four hungry tigers, and must surrender his colorful new clothes, shoes, and umbrella so they will not eat him.

I Was Walking Down the Road cover I Was Walking Down the Road

A little girl collects a number of animals she might keep as pets as she moves through her busy day.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs cover Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Life is delicious in the town of Chewandswallow where it rains soup and snows mashed potatoes--until the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The Day the Stones Walked cover The Day the Stones Walked

Pico doesn't believe the old stories that say the stone statues of his village come alive and protect people in time of trouble until a great wave comes and he is in danger.

High as a Hawk cover High as a Hawk

A dramatically illustrated and inspiring story based on the historic 1905 ascent by Harriet Peters, the youngest person ever to climb Longs Peak,

Where is Grandpa? cover Where is Grandpa?

As his family reminisces after his beloved grandfather's death, a boy realizes his grandfather is still with him in all the special places they shared.

Buzz Buzz Buzz cover Buzz Buzz Buzz

The bee stings the bull--which makes the cow nervous--so she kicks the farmer's wife--and so begins this rambunctious cause-and-effect tale in the barnyard.

I Want to Be an Astronaut cover I Want to Be an Astronaut

Simple text and pictures bring to life the world of astronauts, sharing mission activities and explaining how they eat, live, and sleep in zero gravity.

Peppe the Lamplighter cover; art by Ted Lewin Peppe the Lamplighter

Peppe's father is upset when he learns that Peppe has taken a job lighting the gas street lamps in his New York City neighborhood to help support his seven sisters.

Animalia cover Animalia

A fantastically illustrated journey through the letters of the alphabet, introducing a menagerie of familiar and exotic creatures.

The Discovery of Dragons cover The Discovery of Dragons

The adventures and discoveries of three imaginary explorers: Bjorn of Bromme, a 6th-century Viking, who discovered four species of dragons; Hsu Tao Ning, daughter of a 13th-century Chinese silk trader; and Dr E.F. Liebermann, who discovered the Draak Dragon of Tasmania.

The Legend of the Golden Snail cover The Legend of the Golden Snail

With only his cat for company, an imaginative young boy sets off in a small boat in search of a legendary magical “snailing” ship.

My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch cover My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch

All about Grandma who shares her house with bandicoots, goannas, and emus, rides kangaroos bareback, and flies off on vacation in the beak of a pelican.

Uno’s Garden cover Uno’s Garden

Art + Arithmetic + Environmental Awareness! A story with hidden images and mathematical problems that focuses on the importance of striking a balance between development and conservation of nature.

The Water Hole cover The Water Hole

Ever-growing numbers of animals visit a watering hole, introducing the numbers 1-10 while the cut-outs of the hole get smaller as the water supply is used up.Watch for additional animals hiding in the dramatic paintings.

The Worst Band in the Universe cover The Worst Band in the Universe

The cosmic tale of Sprocc, a young Splingtwanger-player who leaves his home planet, Blipp, in search of musical freedom and finds friends and adventure of truly intergalactic proportions.

Shadows of Night cover Shadows of Night The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat

A year in the life of the Little Brown Bat is beautifully depicted in both informative text and luminous watercolor illustrations.

Tree of Life cover Tree of Life: The World of the African Baobab

Follow the life cycle of the baobab tree that lives on the African savannah and the insects, birds, and animals that rely on it for home, food, and survival.

Deep in the Swamp cover Deep in the Swamp

Learn about the inhabitants of the Okefenokee Swamp as you count to ten in the pattern of "Over in the Meadow".

A Plump and Perky Turkey cover A Plump and Perky Turkey

The people of Squawk Valley must outsmart the local turkeys or else they may be forced to eat shredded wheat for Thanksgiving.

The Longest Night cover The Longest Night

One very long night, a crow, a moose, and a fox all claim they can bring back the sun but the wind knows what is needed to end the darkness.

When I Go Camping with Grandma cover When I Go Camping with Grandma

A child enjoys a camping trip with Grandma that includes hiking, canoeing, fishing, and cooking out.

A My Name Is Alice cover A My Name Is Alice

The well-known jump rope chant built on letters of the alphabet is illustrated with animals from all over the world.

Amigo cover Amigo

Francisco is a lonely boy; Amigo is a prairie dog. They live in the desert, and both want someone to play with. But who will tame whom?

Everybody Needs a Rock cover Everybody Needs a Rock

"Everybody needs a special rock for a friend" and a young girl gives her 10 rules for finding an extraordinary one for yourself.

I’m in Charge of Celebrations cover I’m in Charge of Celebrations

A desert dweller celebrates special experiences "to remember the rest of my life".