Apple Fractions

written by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Rob Bolster

Information about a variety of apples is included as they are used to demonstrate concepts of fractions.

In large colorful illustrations little green elves divide apples into parts. Information about the variety of apple is included along with each fraction written in words and numbers.

  • McIntosh for halves
  • Golden Delicious for thirds
  • Granny Smith for fourths
  • Gala for fifths
  • Cortland for sevenths
  • Asian Pear for eighths and improper fractions

Also included are brief discussions of bees to the apple blossom (for sixths) and the difference between cider and apple juice.

I Like This Book because...

It makes Math fun. The apples look real and it is easy to follow their division into fractional parts. The antics of the elves as they accomplish their cutting tasks will hold the interest of most students. The way the author uses the orange and the Asian Pear provides comic relief as well as good information.

Pat Gramling