A Beasty Story

written by Bill Martin, Jr., illustrated by Steven Kellogg

A group of mice venture into a dark wood where they find a dark brown house with a dark red stair leading past other dark colors to a spooky surprise.

Mice with shirts labeled Silly, Lily, Willy, and Nilly wander into a dark dark wood and find a colorful adventure, aided by their mice friends Nick (who does tricks) and Hank (who plays pranks). Delightful Kellogg illustrations full of details and additional relevant text in speech bubbles. Color words printed in font of that color. Lots of rhyming!

I Love This Book

Each time you read the book you can find more clues and details in the illustrations. For example, it was several readings before I discovered Nick and Hank's truck in the first pages. And the dragon is a red herring. . .

Pat Gramling