Fine arts


D. W. Rides Again cover

D. W. Rides Again

written and illustrated by Marc Brown

Vroom, Chugga, Vroom-Vroom cover

Vroom, Chugga, Vroom-Vroom

written by Anne Miranda, illustrated by David Murphy

I Am an Artist cover

I Am an Artist

by Pat Lowry Collins, illustrated by Robin Brickman

An Egg Is Quiet cover

An Egg Is Quiet

written by Dianna Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long

Fine arts activities include but are not limited to: drawing, coloring, painting, paper folding, paper cutting, working with clay, stamp art, building collages, and exploring technique and process using a variety of media.  Many of these activities also foster art appreciation by examining and discussing works of fine art including paintings, sculpture, photographs, and other creative presentations.